Coronavirus / COVID-19

Government Support - The government recently announced support to businesses and contractors, more information can be found here - workforce support.

In response to the current Covid-19 outbreak we have taken preliminary steps, which are part of our wider business continuity plan to maintain our level of service to our customers - the full details can be read here... Omnia_Corona_BC_120320

Information for contractors employed by Omnia is available here... Coronavirus_Omnia2

2020 successful compliance audit of Omnia

Omnia has undergone a thorough independent audit to confirm all procedures and documentation comply with HMRC Regulations and tax laws.

The auditors concluded Omnia is compliant with current legislation but we will continue to review all elements to keep up to date with legislation changes.  The Auditors letter of compliance can be read here Omnia Compliance 2020.

Off-payroll review launched

The Government is launching a review of changes to off-payroll working rules to address any concerns from businesses and affected individuals about how they will be implemented.

The review will determine if any further steps can be taken to ensure the smooth and successful implementation of the reforms, which are due to come into force in April 2020. As part of this, the review will also assess whether any additional support is needed to ensure that the self-employed, who are not in scope of the rules, are not impacted.

The Chancellor announced the off-payroll review in an interview with BBC’s Money Box on November 30th 2019.  Click here for the full announcement.



HMRC have announced the domestic reverse charge (DRC) for construction services will be delayed for a period of 12 months until 1 October 2020.

HMRC recognised that some businesses in the construction sector are not ready to implement the VAT domestic reverse charge for building and construction on 1 October 2019.

Businesses now have 12 months to fully understand and prepare.

Some businesses will already have changed invoicing processes to take into account the original date for reverse charge, HMRC recognise this is not simple to change back, so where genuine errors occur HMRC will take these into account.

Also, where businesses have changed to monthly VAT returns in preparation for DRC, this can be reverted via the HMRC VAT website.

The full announcement and more detail can be found on the Government Website here...