Omnia remain committed to keeping our clients and workers up to date with the latest information.  We will regularly update this page with links / information to help companies and individuals.

We appreciate the difficult circumstances that many people are finding themselves in at the moment, this is a seriously unprecedented time we all find ourselves in.

The government continue to offer support for the UK workforce during the present crisis.   Government Business Support

As with all businesses, we continue to feel the impact ourselves; however, we continue to support our clients and contractors as much as we can.  Here are some of the ways we are working to help:

  • For Contractors still working – it is business as usual, we have reduced our telephone answering hours from 9am to midday due to our reduction in resources.
  • For Contractors laid off due to Coronavirus – the support available depends on your engagement as follows;
    • Self Employed Contractors – the government has announced its Self Employed Income Support Scheme  (SEISS) key elements of which are as follows:
      • Self Employed Sole Traders with annual profits of less than £50K who submitted a personal tax return for 2018/2019 only will be eligible.
      • 80% of profits (max £2500) per month.
      • Payable as a grant by June 2020
      • HMRC will contact eligible contractors directly
      • Can also apply for Universal credit
    • PAYE (Umbrella) Contractors – the government  Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) which also applies to Agency workers.  Key elements of which are as follows:
      • Only workers on the payroll prior to 19 March 2020 will be eligible for the scheme.
      • Affects workers who were ‘laid off’ due to COVID-19.
      • Workers will need to be ‘Furloughed’ for a minimum of 3 weeks to be eligible.
      • 80% of average monthly earnings of last 12 months up to a maximum of £2500 per month.
      • Omnia will process these claims for eligible workers through HMRC and pay the worker directly.
      • Non eligible workers are ‘laid off’ as per their contracts without pay – they may be able to apply for Universal Credit.
      • Omnia provide a list weekly to assess ‘Eligible workers’ for confirmation by our Agency clients.
      • Furlough payments will be made weekly on a saturday.
    • Limited Companies (Personal Service Companies) – presently there is no direct support for Limited Company Contractors unless they qualify personally through one of the other options (SEISS or CJRS).  Unfortunately, we will be unable to assist with any payment in respect of these workers.

If you need information which relates to medical conditions or isolation follow this link – NHS 111